What is being built at Startup Weekend Des Moines


We’re midway through Startup Weekend Des Moines November and the teams are cranking hard. Below are the projects being built. The teams will also be adding further information to the page here as the weekend goes on.

OpenSlots – empowers businesses and service providers the ability broadcast idle time slots to prospective customers.
GlamSnap – a fashion advice app empowering fabulous women everywhere.
TimelyBus – Real time bus location tracking.
Kigenda – Find local activities and events for kids.
BattleType – The anti-word game. A turn based word game that you play with friends. The goal of the game is to not complete a word.
LegalScout – Data driven attorney search.
WatchWith Company – Your friends. Your shows. Your voice. Watch tv with your friends, even when you aren’t together. Join in live conversation and participate in the shows you are watching.
Ingamix – In game interactive experiences.
SoupForYou – A network of care package providers that close the distance between family members by providing soup and other items for family members feeling ill.
Univenture – Crowdfunding application which connects students and alumni of various institutions for micro investment in business opportunities.