The Kick Off


A team of entrepreneurs gathered in Startup City for the weekend, starting Friday, November 16. Everyone filled up on pizza and beer while they explored the space and made new networking connections. Startup Weekend Des Moines officially kicked off shortly after 7pm.


Andrew Kirpalani got things started with a quick overview of why people normally choose to come to Startup Weekend.  The opportunity to make awesome stuff, the extensive creative energy and passion for ideas are the top reasons most people decide to participate.


Kirps also shared the mission of Startup Weekend: to change the lives of entrepreneurs and to inspire entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.


The keynote speaker was Jeremie Miller, Co-Founder of Singly. He spoke about how social data will transform the today’s world as well as the future. He explained how his company provides access to data that people can use to solve problems faster and easier.

Miller’s speech was full of wisdom and inspired the group to get started working on their big ideas. “You guys are changing the world,” he said, “the future is shifting because of you.”


After the opening speaker, and an intense rock, paper, scissors war, dozens of participants lined up to pitch their ideas. Each speaker was given 60 seconds to sell their company idea, with 34 pitches total. The top teams were decided on by a highly technical post-it note voting process, and then everyone took off to get to work.


Click here for a detailed list of the chosen teams as well as all teams presented.